Xhorse VVDI2 Program 2016 BMW F30 Fem Smart Key OK

VVDI2 full support BMW FEM car models,and here is review from chei.

New Keyless Smart BMW f30..fem 2016

I finally figured out how to do kessy modules 93C86 Touareg/A8/Porsche in circuit with vvdi prog after failing with all the 93C86 under ST and other manufacturers. You have to chop the 6 and 7 pins on the clip off and read as microchip 93C/LC/AA86A remember to bridge the crystal as well.

vvdi2-program-2016-bmw-f30-fem-smart-key-ok-1 vvdi2-program-2016-bmw-f30-fem-smart-key-ok-2 vvdi2-program-2016-bmw-f30-fem-smart-key-ok-3 vvdi2-program-2016-bmw-f30-fem-smart-key-ok-4-576x1024


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