VVDI Prog Read 93C86 Touareg/A8/Porsche Review

VVDI Prog is super programmer can support multi-types of ecu,mcu,immo,dashboard.etc and we got the review from Preston FaGalde

I finally figured out how to do kessy modules 93C86 Touareg/A8/Porsche in circuit with vvdi prog after failing with all the 93C86 under ST and other manufacturers. You have to chop the 6 and 7 pins on the clip off and read as microchip 93C/LC/AA86A remember to bridge the crystal as well.

vvdi-prog-read-93c86-touareg-a8-porsche-1 vvdi-prog-read-93c86-touareg-a8-porsche-2  vvdi-prog-read-93c86-touareg-a8-porsche-4 vvdi-prog-read-93c86-touareg-a8-porsche-5

VVDI2 load the eeprom file OK


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