Xhorse VVDI Prog M35160WT Adapter Review

M35160WT Adapter work with VVDI Prog programmer,support M35160WT/M35128.And our customer Sam received the adapter and gave us review about VVDI PROG M35160WT Adapter.

M35160WT Adapter Replace by VVDI Prog 35160DW Chip

How to use Xhorse VVDI Prog 35160DW Chip?

1.Please use with VVDI Prog newest 4.7.8 newest software,or it will have adapter valid error.

it worked fine with 4.7.8


Here is V4.7.8 VVDI Prog software download link



2.tested it on M35160WT that had 95 200km and it made it lower to 16km

M35160WT Eeprom from 95k km
nice job


3.VVDI Prog M35160WT Adapter Pic

vvdi-prog-m35160wt-adapter-real-1 vvdi-prog-m35160wt-adapter-real-2 vvdi-prog-m35160wt-adapter-real-3 vvdi-prog-m35160wt-adapter-real-4

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