Xhorse VVDI Mini Prog & Key Tool Max Add Key for BMW M3 2011

Here we’re going to share with you how to use Xhorse Key Tool Max and VVDI Mini Prog & BMW CAS3+ adapter to add a new key for BMW M3 2011 with a CAS3+ module.

Step 1

First remove the CAS3+ module.

Now on bench, clean points on the module.

Remove MINI Prog head.

Then Use XDNP11 BMW CAS3+ adapter to connect VVDI Mini Prog and the circuit board.



Step 2

Turn on MINI Prog.

Open up Xhorse app on your phone.

Switch to the MINI Prog page.

Click on “Select” to connect your phone to mini prog.



Step 3


  • Immo>>BMW>>BMW>>CAS3+(0L15Y)(ADAPTER)

Check if it’s connected well by diagrams.

Then select

  • Read>>EEPROM>>Start operation

Data reading success and save the file.



Step 4

Now back to Key Tool Max page.


  • Special Function(Network connection needed)>>Immo Data Tool>>Europe>>BMW>>CAS3+ (0L15Y, 0M23S)>>CAS3+

Load the file we just saved.


Follow the prompt to add a new key.




That’s the procedure of BMW CAS3+ key programming using VVDI Key Tool Max and Mini Prog with Xhorse BMW solder-free adapter.





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