(Fixed)Ford Remote Only Work In Car after Add Key by VVDI Key Tool Plus

Customer feedback:

I programmed Ford Edge 2009 key and remote by Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus. The program was successful, the key can start the engine and the remote can lock/unlock doors. The remote can work when I was inside and the driver’s door is closed, but the remote will not lock/unlock doors once I step out of the car and close the driver’s door.


In addition, I found my key’s working range is about 5-10m, but I have to remove the cover of the key fob and use the key fob. If I put it back, it still only works inside the car.

Xhorsevvdi engineer believes Key Tool Plus Pad supports Ford Edge 2009 key and remote programming, so the problem may be the key itself.

Here are the Solutions:

1.Replace the key battery

The battery may be dead or of low power, so replace the battery or try another key.

Whichever you choose, you may need to reprogram it using  Key Tool Plus.

There are two options for this model: “Select by model” or “Select by system”.

If functions of model selection fail, go to functions of system selection.



2.Clean the key circuit board

Circuit boards in the key fob is easy to get wet or corroded, although the key quality varies in OEM key and Aftermarket key.

Use a dry, soft brush to clean off oxidized matters gently.

If it’s a surface carbon buildup, try a cleaner like “CO Contact Cleaner”.


3.Re-solder the battery contacts

There may be a “dry” solder joint or a scratch on the battery connector.

Solder wires for “+” and “-” battery contacts.

If you don’t know how to use a soldering iron correctly, don’t do it yourself.


Done! Hope this could help!



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