Xhorse Dolphin XP005 and Dolphin XP007 Review

Here is a review of two Xhorse Key Cutting MachineDolphin XP005 and Dolphin XP007.





Bought it because it has such a clamp, which is one of the most versatile.

This also comes with a battery not on the market, no wires are charged.

It has a light on by switch here.


In the kit,

Everything is simple to use.

This helps stop the key, and then clamp it.


There are 3 hexagons, so we can first change or turn over the clamp. Not very convenient, but if something went wrong you just can’t adjust the setting.

One screw here, and the other one in the back, you can adjust it to make the part of the clamp higher or lower in order to align with the other part.


You clamped two keys, and they have to be the same since it is accurate.




Bought it because I know price suits quality.

This comes with 2 clamps, M2 with 4 sides are selected for a certain type of blade up to a, b, c, d, and they all have the information on the program to show how to work.

When you buy it, everything in the setting on phone is turned off, you need to do the 3 adjustment (height, clamp, cutter). You need to specify which cutter thickness you use, of course each option will give you a suggestion. There are several different cutters in the package, and some are spare ones.

There is no motorcycle on the database, also boats and others. There is a plus that the update comes every 4 days and the database really increases directly.

On top is a display, it shows it is ready, the battery level, and the Bluetooth blinks.


The prices for them have fallen than I bought. In general, one of the best equipment for cutting keys.


Review from Diagnost Max.


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