Key Cutting Tool: Bravo Silca 3, Dolphin XP005 or Condor XC009?

Today we’re going to talk about 3 key cutting machines: Bravo Silca III, Dolphin XP005, and Condor XC009.


Part 1. Dolphin XP-005

Start with this Xhorse Key Cutting Machine.

It’s an automatic key cutter.

We have high-security jaws, M1 the double-sided jaw, M3 the jaw for Tibbe keys


This machine does it all, whether you want to cut a key by code or bitting.

It’s an amazing machine. I really highly recommend it.

There is a new one that just came out, I believe it is the Dolphin II.

The dolphin is battery-operated, so it’s portable we can take it with us.

There is a manual version of Dolphin (XP-007), we can use it to cut keys, but I wouldn’t recommend it because we do need a key to copy and it doesn’t keep codes. We cannot cut keys by bitting unless we make a key and change the bitting on that key.


Part 2. Condor XC-009

Move on to the next machine.

It’s a nice simple machine for double-sided keys.

We have 4 sides, A – D that all have different clamps for simple double-sided keys.


The only thing that this machine can do is cut keys by code, so that’s one of the bad things.

Then, the battery level shows down, an LED light, and a powered battery as well.

This is battery-powered, so you just have to charge it and can take it anywhere.


Part 3. Bravo Silca III

Unlike the circle machine, we have to connect it to the outlet connector.




Hope this could help!


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