Xhorse Condor Mini Instacode card instruction

Only the Xhorse Condor Mini with serial number KM03 **** has the Bluetooth module and can use the Instacode card. The ones with serial number KM02 ****has no Bluetooth module and can’t use the Instacode card.(Get New  Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Key Cutting Machine)

How to use the Instacode card with Condor Mini?

Enable the phone’s Bluetooth(the condor’s Bluetooth is not needed to set),search the condor on the phone Bluetooth setting, the condor is displayed with XhorseBTKM******** ,

Install instacode live app on your phone, then search the bittings, then cutting(the condor status must be on the main menu)


Credit to www.instacodelive.com

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