Xhorse have revised Condor XC Mini va2 for PSA problem…

I had problem today with Condor XC Mini cutting VA2 for PSA. See the photo. I cut F C A A E A. The problem is at 1055-790. It mustn’t be a straight line at the bottom.

Condor mini KM03 cuts a straight line for the top layer then cuts correctly at the deeper layer. The cutting curve isn’t the same for the 1 mm depth. It looks like a worn key after cutting. I ask the developers to check it.

va2_problem-1024x768 va2problem-1024x768

It’s a common VA2 for PSA. It isn’t custom. I attached a high resolution photo. If you see that area what I mentioned in my previous post you can see two different curve.

  1. straight line – it is the top layer (low depth)
  2. correct curve – lower layer (high dept up to 1mm)

The straight line cut the top of the correct curve.

Finally, Xhorse support have revised VA2 for PSA problem. Just need to update when the Condor XC Mini version is ready(it’s processing).

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