IKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Key Cutting FAQs

Xhorse iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI is with 3 years warranty,powerful key cutting machine.And XhorseVVDI shares some frequently asked questions about Condor MINI Key Cutting Tool.(Get New  Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Key Cutting Machine)


IKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Key Cutting FAQs

1.Q:Could i use the A7 key cutting machine fixture with this XC-MINI?
A:It can not,they are not compatible.

2.Q:Does it support to cut fo21 key?
A:Yes,it can support,needs to use with M3 fixture.Here is the M3 produc link:http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/wholesale/ford-m3-fixture-for-mini-condor.html

3.Q:Will Condor XC-MINI support to cut by VIN number?
A:No,it can not support by VIN.

4.Q:If i try to cut BMW or Benz keys with Condor XC-MINI,how can i know which cutter i need to use?
A:After you choose the car model,it will display detailed cutter or clamp to use with,just do like the menu shows.

5.Q:For the M3 clamp calibration,why does it not include M3 Clamp?
A:M3 Clamp no need to do calibration.

6.Q:Does your condor xc-mini have exhaust fan in the back of key cutting machine?
A:Yes,it is.2017 orders all include.

7.What is the difference of Condor Key Cutting Machine?

Here is the Condor Key Cutting Machine Comparison:

About Condor XC-MINI Operate Videos,you can check xhorsevvdi youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzyAlIToaCxwv-6FOdQikzA

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