Will VVDI Prog support SPC560C50L3?

VVDI Prog Programmer support multi-brands ecu,mcu,immo,dashboard.etc. And for vvdi prog,we received questions whether VVDI Prog support SPC560C50L3?

1.Q:hi I have to read an airbag that mounts SPC560P50L3 mounted on vivaro you have the diagram for connections directly on PBC thanks

A:Yes,it supports,you can check the vvdi prog software.

vvdi-prog-read-spc560-1 vvdiprog-spc560-1 vvdiprog-spc560-2 vvdiprog-spc560-3

2.Q:I need to reset airga unit from Peugeot 3008 inside is processor spc560 please can you convert this connection diagram from UPA 3 to your tool ?

A:No, VVDI Prog is just to read the data, we don’t have the initial airbag data.

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