Will VVDI Prog Support MC9S12XDT384 and F3376?

1.Will VVDI Prog support Ford ecosport bcm MC9S12XDT384 IC  cruze AC ?

A: Please check  4-IMMOBILIZER–>FORD–>BCM-7S7T-1L15Y,and check connection diagram,if same like the diagram,it is OK.If not same,please check MCU type,and check in MCU chip type.

Security Byte Address: 0x7FF0F
Unsecured State: 0xFE(xxxx xx10)
1.Read and backup EEPROM and FLASH data
2.Write the new data if needed
Mask:0L15Y ID:C410
Mask:1L15Y ID:C411



2.Will VVDI Prog support Chevrolet control module F3376?

A:You can check the following pic option,but the connection diagram,you need get yourself.


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