VVDI Prog Read Ford Ranger BCM Successfully

V4.8.2 VVDI Prog newest version,and get free download link from us. This blog display VVDI Prog read ford ranger BCM,chip type Motorola MC9S12.

1.VVDI PROG software choose the right type.

vvdi prog

2.Check connection diagram.

vvdi prog

Security Byte Address: 0xBFF0F
Unsecured State: 0xFE(xxxx xx10)
The program automatically detect D-FLASH and EEE memory size
1,Use “Reset Sec”unlock chip, the original security byte displayed in the window below
2.Read/write D-FLASH, EEE, P-FLASH and POF data, the command can be executed many times
3.Use “Set Sec”, input the security byte read from step 1
Mask:4M48H ID:CC94
Mask:5M48H ID:CC94
Mask:0N35H ID:CC95
Mask:1N35H ID:CC95

3.Do wiring

vvdi prog ford vvdi prog ford

4.Connect well with computer,and process reading.

vvdi prog ford

5.Read OK, save the data.

vvdi prog ford

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