VVDI2 Program Skoda Octavia MQB 2017 Key With Xhorse MQB Smart Key

VVDI2 full authorization is on Christmas sale only $1599 now. And this is blog is steps about VVDI2 Program Skoda Octavia MQB 2017 Key,and use Xhorse MQB smart key.

1.Original key,and test all OK.


vvdi2 skoda

2.Start VVDI2 VW software.

vvdi2 mqb

3.Press Diag button.

vvdi2 mqb

4.Read immo data.

xhorse vvdi2

vvdi2 mqb

vvdi2 mqb

5.Save the immo data.

6.IMMO data prepare key.

Press OK to load immo data.

Choose Skoda,make OEM key with VVDI Proximity remote.Click checking working key position.

Input working key to programmer.The key position will gray once detect success.

7.Click Next.

Input original working key to VVDI2 and press OK.

Click yes to continue.

8.Input MQB remote to VVDI2 programmer and continue.

9.Prepare dealer key success! Please learn the new dealer key to car!

10.Then press “Add Key”

11.Load immo data.

After load OK,press NEXT.

Car has keyless,NO.

Insert the dealer key into car and switch on for at least 2 seconds.

12.Add OK.

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