VVDI2 Decode VVDI Wireless Universal Remote Failed Tips

VVDI2 tranponder programmer software newest version 6.1.1.And we got feedback that when use the software,it got “VVDI Wireless Universal Remote Decode Fail” error.


It shows:

Decode failed!Please retry after updat device.

Here is the suggestion from engineer:

1.Delete old software,download the newest 6.1.1 software,and use it check again.

2.Or you can use VVDI Key Tool to do data collecting.

3.If you do not have KeyTool,and suggestion 1 not working either. You can downgrade to 6.0.0 firmware in xhorse update kit software,and use old 6.0.0 software,it is all working VVDI2 V6.0.0 from our customer feedback.


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