(Solved) VVDI2 VAG V5.2.5 non-standard upload data failed

Struggling to use VVDI2 VAG V5.2.5 do a lost key job for 2012 VW Touran (date on sticker is 19/09/2012), keep getting a non-standard upload fail error.

Select NEC+24c64

Select Service Mode

Load original 24c64 file

Save modified service mode file.

Write modified file to 24c64.

Connect on bench.

Read Flash or Load Original 24c64 file and write.

Tries security log in but get the error.



Instrument with NEC+24C64

Instrument with NEC+24C64(2013)

Instrument with NEC+24C64(2014-06-)

Should be the 2013 one.

Finally, Tried 2013 option and all went fine. 

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