How to Use VVDI2 VAG Program Passat 2012 NEC+ 24C64 Key?

Xhorse VVDI2 VAG with Basic VW Module Plus 5th IMMO Porsche PSA Function Support Audi A6L/A7/A8L Touareg lost all key,VVDI2 newest version is V4.7.8.And here we will share VVDI2 VAG software  VW Passat 2012 year all keys are lost smart key.

1:You can cut a spare key with Xhorse Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine.

condor mini

2.Connect the fuse next to the left door, 2nd on Line 1 and 1st on Line 3.Dashboard turns on at this time.

vvdi2 vag

3.Start VVDI2 VAG software.Connect VVDI2 with vehicle.Select dash type: 2012 VDO NEC+ 24C64 in VVDI2 software.Enter 03 BAS.Take a photo of /write down the long code.

4.Remove instrument, find out 24C64 CPU chip, you can use VVDI PROG Programmer read EEPROM dump file.

vvdi2 vag

vvdi prog

5.VVDI2 software choose “Key Learn->4th generation immobilizer->Dash-NEC+24C64”

Select All Keys Lost

Select Generate service pattern 24C64 EEPROM

Save eeprom (do not replace the original eeprom file)

Re-write eeprom generated in service pattern back to CPU chip and reinstall to vehicle

vvdi2 vag

6.Remove the coil of the steering column, follow step 2 to turn on the dash.

Connect VVDI2, select dash type
Complete following steps to program key:
  • 1.Dashboard turns black, complete all these steps to reset instrument
  • 2.Read eeprom data and save
  • 3.Read immo data and save
  • 4.Generate dealer key
  • 5.Reset instrument
  • 6.Add a key
  • 7. Perform other functions

Upload eeprom data and write eeprom

Read Immo data and save

Select Generate dealer key.

Reset instrument

Add a key

Backup eeprom and immo data before key learning.

Learn key. Upload immobilizer data to add a key.

Remove the fuse.Program Passat 2012 all keys lost success.