VVDI2 BMW FEM/BDC BMW X1 2017 Car Review

VVDI2 fully supports FEM/BDC immobilizer if you have BMW FEM/BDC authorizaiton.VVDI2 Full authorization covers all authorization,VVDI2 full+ID48 96bit,ID48 OBDII,BMW FEM.

We received feedback about VVDI2 BMW FEM/BDC like:

vvdi2 in fem have function change fem.it is 100% work.i try.And for f30 f20 434mhz i used this key,work 100%.

But for BMW X1 2017 Car model,got the error “Unknow Error”


Please confirm the data and connection all are OK.If it is,unknow version means it is not supported at present.

And for BMW FEM,it needs to remove IMMO to program key.You need use BMW FEM Platform to works stable.

We have two new arrival BMW FEM cable and power supply.

1.VVDI2 BMW FEM Key Test Cable

bmw-fem-test-cable-new-1 bmw-fem-test-cable-new-2

2.BMW FEM Platform Power Supply

vvdi2-bmw-fem-test-cable-1 vvdi2-bmw-fem-test-cable-5

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