VVDI PROG Read/Write BMW CAS4 5M48H Tips

VVDI PROG supports to read BMW 5M48H, and we received feedback that:

CAS4 with 5M48H bloqued because We would read the back-up and to do a Reset-Sec but not a Set-Sec…And We can´t to read unbloqued because the system tell us “MCU is crypted” also We can´t to write the Set-Sec.

vvdi prog

vvdi prog
It showed:Chip is crypt,this operation needs to decrypt.


Please use “CAS4-5M48H-BACKUP”.

vvdi prog


yes but the “CAS4-5M48H-BACKUP”, We can´t to write


It needs to press right up corner unlock,then write.

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