VVDI Prog read and writes Tricore 1766 on the ECU SIM2K-341

Have one VVDI Prog and I did the Tricore 1766 on the ECU SIM2K-341 today and it was quite successful, I corrected 4 resistors of 470 ohms.

Tricore-1766-on-the-ECU-SIM2K-341-768x1024 vvdi-pro-4.6.1-tricore-1-1024x523

Q: VVDI Prog can read and writes tricore tc-1797 ?

A: No. And those Tricores it can read is only some VW ecu’s because VVDI Prog don’t have security bypass for other… For example: Audi A3 ECU with tricore TC-1762 it cannot read!

Thanks to @carcity (User of Xhorse VVDI Pro)

More to be tested.

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