VVDI Key Tool v2.2.0 no longer clone LKP-03 chips Problem

“The v2.2.0 took away LKP-03’s but still lets me use LKP-02 (I tried to copy a 46 & it tells me can’t use LKP-03)

If I downgrade to V2.0.6 I can use both

I have 2 VVDI Key Tools 1’s on 2.2.0 & others 2.0.6”

Answer by samic: vvdi key tool canceled after the upgrade is due to the chip coupled and Out of code serious, it is proposed to use our chip, high stability

better use chips from us to copy 46, otherwise it would lost a lot of key data http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/wholesale/id46-chip-for-vvdi2-46-tranponder-copier.html

Why need to buy vvdi key tool?

“I found out Key tool can use LKP chips & got 1 & everyone in my group follow

And Why a lot of guys in group have 2 tools 1 to update & 1 not too so we can keep using LKP chips”


“there’s no partable tool that can use LKP chips on market except Tango & Tango’s not really portable needs laptop so we all got Key Tool

I show everyone how much better & easier our jobs can be by using LKP chips & making our own keys for less & they can also be cloned”

Feedback from Kin Lee

Thanksful bro

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