VVDI Key Tool Max Pro stuck to 4 remotes to activate id48 function tips

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro, key tool max, and vvdi mini, now all needs to get the id48 96bit clone function by generation 10 new vvdi remtoes, then activate id48 function.

But we received feedback that

more than 6 months and i have genarated more than 30 new remotes and on activation list still says( 4more remotes to activate 48 id ) now i did today 5 new remotes and still stuck to 4 remotes..



Enginner replied:

Please click “More” in main max pro page to collect the points


Then it is OK.

And for id48 function, please confirm 10 new vvdi remote keys, as only the first time of xhorse vvdi remote keys generation will have points.



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