Why Max Pro Can’t Generate Emulator like Old Key Tool Max?


Why my Key Tool Max Pro doesn’t have this function like Key Tool Max?

Same remote but I don’t have this function.

And this can save you a lot of time



Here is the Answer:

Max Pro firmware doesn’t support Generate Emulator function, direct generate remote and it will be fine.


Customer reviews on Generate Emulator function:

1.I’ve never used that feature

2.Worked for me many times, I used it enough to test control before physically generating it

3.Because it’s useless, why would u want to generate a remote for a VW and use an emulator? seems like a waste of time. So easy to pick correct remote in key tool max, all u need to do is match fcc and ic #’s up, and on these VW just match up numbers and it is good to go

4.If you have AKL on a vehicle good habit to get into is to look vehicle up on a suppliers site and see FCC as and frequency and everything. Then you go into job with as much info as possible and you won’t need to spend time testing different remotes


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