V1.7.4 Dolphin XP-005 Version Fix va6 error

In previous blog we share Dolphin XP-005L va6 error, and for dolphin xp-005 we receive the similar review:

I need some help.
Recently I’ve upgraded my firmware version on my dolphin 1 to v1.7.3. Now my machine doesn’t cut right va6 blade.
I’ve tried everything, I can’t find a solution.
I can’t downgrade to my previous firmware version.
Please help, I’m desperate.
Check this photo, this key doesn’t look right

v1-7-4-dolphin-xp-005-version-fix-va6-error-1 v1-7-4-dolphin-xp-005-version-fix-va6-error-2 v1-7-4-dolphin-xp-005-version-fix-va6-error-3

Update to newest firmware v1.7.4 will fix error

Use xhorse update kit software to update dolphin xp-005 firmware

(Xhorse update kit software please check our download page)


Customer feedback:

V1.7.4 came out today and fix the va6 issue. Thank you!


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