V1.1.1 MINI Key Tool Newest Version Update OK

Xhorse VVDI MINI Key Tool firmware V1.1.1 version is released, and test OK to update. Meanwhile, Xhorse VVDI website newly add Southeast Asia version for Asian customers to choose.


 1.V1.1.1 MINI Key Tool Update Info
1 Add XHORSE Supermodel series remote generation support
2 Add the generation support of Hyundai,Kia 4D70 (super-module chip or remote)
3 Modified Toyota G Chip Generation Key Location
4 Add the signal detection of automobile coil

2.V1.1.1 MINI Key Tool Update

Xhorse mini key tool connect with computer


Mobile phone with mini key tool via bluetooth.


Start update

v1-1-1-mini-key-tool-newest-version-update-ok-3 v1-1-1-mini-key-tool-newest-version-update-ok-4

Update OK


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