Solution to VVDI MB BGA TOOL can’t renew used EIS for W210

I use VVDI MB BGA TOOL and have a W210 that have some problem to turn key around in keylock
Program tell me to “Renew EIZ”

I need to write file from broken EIS to used EIS.
I have renew used EIS, but then I can’t write my file back to used renew EIS.
It stop on 80% writing.


I have read keypass from Eeprom on key and save file.
I try to write but it dont work


I did move 2pc mcu to a working used EIZ but same problem, and cant renew…
So hardware is working but my be fault in software in 1 or 2 mcu…


why you not rewrite mcu’s content when you have it desoldered yet…
you only waste time now…
and in other case, when you want to use used EZS, then you can only make new key and renew ecu with esl and teach back and all finish….its more simply.

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