How to query my Free BGA Token of VVDI Key Tool Plus

Good news! Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus bind with Xhorse key cutting machine to get free BGA token every day.

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus read Benz key password online will need bonus points or BGA token. And here we will display how to check BGA token.

1.How to obtain Key Tool Plus BGA Token?

  • Purchase BGA Token for key tool plus, per token $9.9
  • Xhorse Benz key pcb pro, each key free with 200 points, no need exchange to bga token, just use points is OK.
  • Bind with condor mini, mini plus, dolphin xp005, dolphin xp007 to get one token free everyday for lifetime.
  • Get bonus points from VVDI Remotes.

2.How to check Key Tool Plus BGA Token?

You can see your Free BGA Password Calculation in the IMMO Programming function:

Immo programming >> BENZ>> Select from system>> Password Calculation>> start Programming>> Query the Benz Points

How-to-see-the-BGA-01 How-to-see-the-BGA-02 How-to-see-the-BGA-03 How-to-see-the-BGA-04 How-to-see-the-BGA-05 How-to-see-the-BGA-06



BTW, you also can buy BGA Password Calculation for you Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, $9.90/ 1 Token,

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