Program BMW 520D CAS4 AKL with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus

Have BMW 520D 2011 CAS4 with All Keys Lost to program with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus via OBD.


Main steps:

  1. Enter Key Tool Plus to select BMW 520D 2011 CAS4 information
  2. Read key information
  3. Unlock CAS4 / CAS4+
  4. Make dealer key Via OBD
  5. Learn key
  6. Read key information
  7. Check if the key works


In details…

Hook the VVDI Key Tool Plus tablet up the vehicle, turn on the ignition.

On the tablet, tap “Immo programming”.



Tap “Europe” and then “BMW”



Tap “Select from system”



Tap “CAS4 / CAS4+ immo system”



Tap “Key function”.



Tap “Start Programming”.



Generate key via OBD.



Tap “Read key information”.

Connecting to CAS system… if it failed, please step on the brake several times or turn on double flash lights then retry.

vvdi-key-tool-plus-program-bmw-520d-cas4-all-keys-lost-08 vvdi-key-tool-plus-program-bmw-520d-cas4-all-keys-lost-09


After doing that, we can read key information successfully.

Attention: Prepare dealer key and reset KM required unlock CAS4, enable key and disable key no need unlock CAS4!



Status of ignition switch: No Key

Tap “Continue”.



Tap “Unlock CAS4 / CAS4+”.

And after that, we get warning, just read it carefully.



Tap “Save here” and then “Yes” to input the filename.

Connected. Start transfer /receive…

Start security login…

Updating flash…(Please don’t touch any button on the car!)

Connected. Start transfer /receive…

Start security login…

Enter programming session…

Updating flash…(Please don’t touch any button on the car!)

Connected. Start transfer /receive…

***All of the above action will be done automatically, you do not need do anything.

vvdi-key-tool-plus-program-bmw-520d-cas4-all-keys-lost-13 vvdi-key-tool-plus-program-bmw-520d-cas4-all-keys-lost-14


Writing coding…



Alright, CAS4/CAS4+ unlock success! you can make dealer key or reset KM via OBD!


After unlocking or adding a new key, try start engine first. If not start check with following method:

1.If Synchronize data lost, delete the new keys, read ISN from working key, try prepare the deleted new key with ignition switch, key will work after key learn

2.After the new key is added, original key stop working but new key will work, Delete the new key -> Original key start working->Put the deleted key to ignition switch, car learn it directly.

  1. If car still cannot start after step 1 and step 2, please try “Update original CAS4 file“.



Tap “Prepare dealer key with ignition switch”.

Please select the key to be operated, here select “Key 3 FFFFFFFF Enable”.



Press “Yes” to use unencrypted version to prepare dealer key.



Please record the following information including CAS4/CAS4+ security key, DME/CAS security key, Key/CAS security key, ECU ISN etc.



Learn key.

Please insert a new key to ignition switch and turn on or put it close to emergency start position.



Okay, learning key now…

Soon, Key learn success.



Tap “Read key information” to ensure if the new key is learned successfully.

As you can see, Key3 is Enable, and status of ignition switch: key 3



Back to the BMW car, press the Start /Stop button for 3 times.

Then press the BMW lock / unlock key to check if it work, perfect, the new key works. 


Job is done!


Look at my new toy VVDI key tool plus and the new key. Life is amazing.