Xhorse VVDI KEYTOOL PLUS Add Mazda CX5 Smart Key

Used VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS and Xhorse universal smart key to add Mazda CX5 Smart Key successfully, firstly “remote program” and then “Immo programming”, finally test whether the key can start the car, the whole process is simple, easy and pleasant.



Plug VVDI KEYTOOL PLUS into the OBD2 port of Mazda CX5, and then turn on igniton.

Login the personal account.



Step 1. remote program

Select ” Remote Program” -> Asia -> Mazda -> All remotes -> Mazda 2button ID49 2380

vvdi-keytool-plus-add-mazda-cx5-smart-key-02 vvdi-keytool-plus-add-mazda-cx5-smart-key-03


Have remote information (ID: 0522 386, Frequency: 433.92 FSK, Remote: smart key), and then it tells the matching method: Please take out the PCB and remove the battery to match.

vvdi-keytool-plus-add-mazda-cx5-smart-key-04 vvdi-keytool-plus-add-mazda-cx5-smart-key-05 vvdi-keytool-plus-add-mazda-cx5-smart-key-06


Keep Xhorse universal smart key close to the coil of key tool plus and it will write the data, wait until it reads 100% and burn success.

vvdi-keytool-plus-add-mazda-cx5-smart-key-07 vvdi-keytool-plus-add-mazda-cx5-smart-key-08


Step 2. Immo programming

Back to the home menu and select “ Immo programming“.

Select Asia -> Mazda -> CX5 -> -2016 -> Start programming -> add a key.

vvdi-keytool-plus-add-mazda-cx5-smart-key-09 vvdi-keytool-plus-add-mazda-cx5-smart-key-10


Click on “OK” to confirm the original car key is a 2-button key and you need to program with the 2-button smart key.



Please switch ignition on.



Reading data… wait a few seconds and you can see “Completed to read password…”, tap “OK” to continue.



Current number of smart keys:2, tap “Yes” to continue.



Step on brakes when automatic-shift, step on the clutch when manual-shift, and keep the maker end of the smart key close to the start button.



Alright, key matched successfully, current number of smart keys: 3, click “Ok” to confirm.



Complete the following steps after program is successfully:

Switch ignition off, then step on brakes, click the start button by the smart key to be added to start the engine for 3 seconds, then switch ignition off.



Step 3. Test whether the new key can start the car.



Alright, the job is done.


Thumb up VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS and Xhorse universal smart key.



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