Get VVDI2 BMW Key Programmer Instead of BMW MULTI Tool

vvdi2 bmw

VVDI2 BMW is professional key programmer for BMW car models,and it covers BMW MULTI Tool all functions.What’s more,it works better than BMW MULTI Tool.Now,get VVDI2 BMW Key Programmer Instead of BMW MULTI Tool. 1.VVDI2 BMW and BMW MULTI Tool Comparison Difference:… Continue Reading

Free Download V10.30.029 Toyota TIS Techstream Software

mini vci toyota

Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota professional tool for Toyota with cheap price,you can diy by yourself.And how to know the Toyota TIS cable is original xhorse?Please check the firmware,ours is V2.0.4,others is lower. 1.Free Download V10.30.029 Toyota TIS Techstream Software V10.30.029… Continue Reading

How to Install V10.30.029 TOYOTA TIS Techstream?

toyota tis techstream

Firmware 2.04 version is original Xhorse MINI VCI TOYOTA single cablem,it support Toyota cars after 1996 year,and can do reset immo, or make customization to cars.Here we share how to install toyota tis software step by step. How to Install… Continue Reading

V7.7 BMW Multi Tool Update Failed Error

bmw multi tool update

BMW Multi Tool is BMW key programming and mileage tool,newest software version is V7.7.As we all know this BMW MULTI Tool exist for long time,and Xhorse stop updating firmware any more.If you update online,you may get the error like following:… Continue Reading

What does Xhorse VVDI2 Basic Module Support?

vvdi2 bmw

Xhorse VVDI2 is original powerful tools,and with multi functions,can do multi car brands.Meanwhile,as we all know VVDI2 full version price is a little higher,to meet different people requests, offers VVDI2 Vag for VAG group cars like Audi,VW,Skoda,Seat,VVDI BMW for BMW… Continue Reading

How to Choose Xhorse Remote Tester?

xhorse remote tester

Xhorse Remote Tester is the tool used to detect frequency as well as infrared working or not.And includes two Remote Tester,how to choose the suitable one? 1.Support Frequency Xhorse Remote Tester SK199 can support 1.300Mhz-320hz, 2.434Mhz, 3. 868MHz. SK199-B Xhorse Remote Tester… Continue Reading