Notice! Do Not Unlock BCM by Xhorse Encrypted BCM2 Adapter

Today we want to warn users – during using Xhorse BCM2 Adapter the data will be erased if we try to “Unlock” BCM.


Part 1. Identify BCM encryption status

Before we remove the BCM module, identify if the BCM is encrypted by Key Tool Plus/VVDI2 via OBD. (Checking by numbers is simple but not accurate)


Part 2. Follow instructions according to BCM encryption

Second, whatever a BCM is encrypted or not, Do Not click on “Unlock”, especially when we read it by VVDI PROG Programmer.


1)Unencrypted BCM

Read and save D-FLASH and P-FLASH data; if we cannot get data files, then it may be an encrypted version, and Do Not click on “Unlock”.


2)Encrypted BCM

Do Not click on “unlock” as well. Carefully follow the instructions – read DATA1 and DATA2, read immo data and service data, and write the Service Data back to BCM. Do Not unlock an encrypted BCM, although it seems reasonable.


Part 3. Unlock BCM Consequence

Unlock will cause BCM data loss and no way to restore.

If you don’t have an original key or data backup, then you have to buy keys and a new BCM module. It may take one month to make the vehicle work again as before.

If you have an original key or data backup, you still have to buy a new BCM module, which will cost a couple hundred dollars.


Anyway, Do Not Unlock it when you read Audi BCM data, not just by VVDI BCM2 Adapter.


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