How to Use Xhorse Keylessgo Watch Smart Remote? (Configuration & Programming Guide)

This is a guide on how to use Xhorse Keylessgo Watch configuration & programming to your vehicle step-by-step.



SW-007 Keyless go Watch is another Xhorse Universal Smart remote. It can be programmed by your Key Tool Plus, Key Tool Max or even Mini Key Tool.


The process is similar to another Xhorse universal key:

1)Pick the FCC ID, remote, or your make and model

2)Write the configuration into the watch

3)Program it to the vehicle by any key programmers you want


Here is a complete demonstration for reference:

Model: Chrysler 300 2021


VVDI Key Tool Plus

FCA 12+8 SGW Bypass Cable

Part 1. Generate the remote

Go to

  • Remote Program>>North America>>Chrysler>>[All Remotes]>>Chrysler 200 KeylessGo ID4A

Put your smartwatch into the key coil and press “Generate”.


Here if you experience the error “Write Failed”, put your watch slightly deeper so that it could be detected.


Try again and you should put a slight bit of downward pressure on the watch and it would be done.


Part 2. Program the immobilizer

Plug Key Tool Plus to the vehicle via OBDII, and don’t forget the FCA 12+8 Converter since there is a security gateway in this model.

Go to

  • Immo Programming>>North America>>Chrysler>>Select by model>>ASIA>>200>>2019-2021>>Smart key system>>Start Programming

how-to-use-xhorse-keylessgo-watch-smart-remote-5 how-to-use-xhorse-keylessgo-watch-smart-remote-6 how-to-use-xhorse-keylessgo-watch-smart-remote-7

Check “Key Count” and “Read PIN code”.

Then press “Add smart keys”

how-to-use-xhorse-keylessgo-watch-smart-remote-8 how-to-use-xhorse-keylessgo-watch-smart-remote-9 how-to-use-xhorse-keylessgo-watch-smart-remote-10 how-to-use-xhorse-keylessgo-watch-smart-remote-11

If it prompts “Fail”, try if the watch could work first.

Start the vehicle, no problem.



That’s how to use Xhorse SW-007 Smart Watch.


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