NEW! Xhorse FCA 12+8 Cable for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Bypass SGW

Xhorse FCA 12+8 Cable for Chrysler/ Dodge/ Jeep is coming! Working with VVDI Key Tool Plus, it allows you to bypass SGW and communicate with FCA vehicles. In stock now!


Support List  

FIAT                 FIAT                                             2018-

MASERATI    MASERATI & GHIBLI              2018-

CHRYSLER    CHRYSLER 300                         2018-2021

CHRYSLER    300C                   2018-2021

CHRYSLER 300 PACIFICA    2018-2020

GRAND VOYAGER                   2018-

DODGE           DODGE CHALLENGWER      2018-2021

DODGE CHARGER                  2018-2021

DODGE DURANGO                 2018-2020

DODGE JOURNEY                   2018-

RAM                                             2018-2021

COOLWAY                                  2018-2019

JEEP                JEEP CHEROKEE                     2018-


GLADIATOR                               2020-

JEEP COMPASS                         2018-

JEEP WRANGLER                    2018-2020

JEEP RENEGADE                      2019-

JEEP RENEGADE                      2020-

COMMANDER                            2018-

GUIDE                                          2017-



Main Functions of Xhorse FCA 12+8 Universal Adapter:

  1. Work Together with Xhorse Key Tool Plus Pad
  2. Used in Key Programming and Cluster Calibration via OBD2

III. Used with Other Diagnostic Devices to Read and Clear Fault Code

  1. To Correct Mileage or Reset Oil via OBD2 for 2018 and up FIAT/ CHRYSLER/ ALFA ROMEO Vehicles.
  2. Break the Restrictions Caused by SGW.


What is SGW?

Starting with most 2018 models, FCA implemented a Secure Gateway Module (SGW), similar to a “firewall”, to protect the vehicle network. Only certified diagnostic tools with Wi-Fi access are compliant to properly unlock the gateway’s tester authentication process to perform these diagnostic functions.


How to Use Xhorse FCA 12+8 Universal Adapter?

Step 1: Locate and unplug the 12PIN and 8PIN connectors of the SGW module.

Step 2: Connect the FCA 12+8 directly to the 12pin and 8pin (two connectors connected to SGW) on the car.


How to find SGW?

The position of SGW varies but is generally located in the sidekick panel, passenger side near the glove box, or behind the radio.




With Xhorse FCA Adapter, no error “Device is unable to communicate with the control unit” anymore.


If you’re interested, here’s the order link: