How to use VVDI2 Program MQB Key with VAG OBD Helper Data?

VAG OBD helper support VAG vehicle (VW, Audi, Skoda with 4th IMMO) get immo data within 3-5 minutes .The 4th generation immo data and MQB data support most current popular VAG key programmer in the market. Here we will display How to use VVDI2 add VW MQB key.


1.How to read eeprom data via VAG OBD Helper,you can check blog


VVDI2 and VAG OBD Helper Program VW 4th IMMO Key Via OBD Way


2.How to use VVDI2 Program MQB Key

2.1.Start VVDI2 software,choose VW,then Key Learn>>MQB Platform instrument immobilizer


2.2. Then if Golf 7,New Octavia,Audi A3,Lamando.etc choose NEC35XX. If new Passat MQB,choose NEC+24C64 MQB.


2.3.Click “IMMO Data Prepare Key”


2.4.Click OK to Load EIS data.


Choose the data you read via VAG OBD Helper.


2.5.Click NO to continue.

Whether use the IMMO data to clone to make dealer key?


2.6.Choose dealer key type. Audi type is MQB defaulted one.

Prepare normal dealer key.

Get message “Warning: If you make dealer key with normal key, it doesn’t support online change immobilizer.”


2.7.Click OK to continue.


Are you sure you want to generate Audi normal dealer key?

Please make sure the make is correct, if you choose wrong, please return back to choose again.

Click on “Yes”


2.8.Put the original key to the coil,then press OK.Please note it is the original key.


2.9.Click “Add key”


2.10.Note: before learning the key, please firstly save EEPROM and IMMO data (Important), If you have already backup you can continue, otherwise please backup EEPROM and IMMO data first.


2.11.Learn key,login with security code from immo data,put the key into ignition switch on following tips,you must prepare all the working key,if the key not learned,it can not start the engine after learaned



MQB key learn please do accroding to the tips in software. Even key learn is failed,please do not turn off ignition. And SKODA MQB Key Learn must take off the coil before key learning process.