How to use VVDI2 Program Audi A6 2009 8E Transponder?

VVDI2 Programmer is with newest v1.2.6 version at present.And here we will display Audi A6 2009 8E Transponder key programming.

1.Start VVDI2 software and choose Audi car brand.

vvdi2 software

2.Switch on ignition with original key.

vvdi2 vag vvdi2-audi-key-2

3.Select Key Learn->4th immobilizer system-Audi->Audi A6/Q7/Allroad


4.Select chip type and click on read J518 eeprom dump

5.Read Component security bytes and PIN(Login) Code,then click OK


6.Switch IGN off and switch it ON

7.Save data

8.Write Componet security bytes and PIN(Login) Code

vvdi2 vag

9.Put Chip 8E into VVD


10.Operate depends on what the software display.End.