How to use VVDI MB BGA add W164 key by IR way with one working key?

VVDI MB BGA Tool support BE key,read password and prepare new key via IR.Here we will shows the detailed steps about VVDI Benz add W164 key by IR way with one working key.

1.Connect VVDI MB with computer and your car,and click password calculation.

2.Start “Data Acquisition” with following steps.Then it will display to insert working key before press OK.Just insert the working key to ignition,waiting 5 seconds.

vvdi benz w164

Take out working key,insert again,last insert to IR Reader.

Data acquisition.

Inert working key,insert again,waiting 30 seconds.

Insert working key to device IR reader,wait end…

Save acquisition data.

vvdi benz add key

vvdi benz w164

Acquisition finished,upload the saved data.

vvdi mb w164

vvdi benz

Press “Query Result” to get result.

vvdi mb bga tool

4.Copy the key password from the previous step.Click “Prepare Key File”.Then “Load EIS File”.

vvdi mb

5.Click “Prepare Key File”.

vvdi benz w164

vvdi benz w164

6.Click “Read/Write Key”,BE Keys,press identification key.

vvdi mb w164 add key

7.After identification,please click “Load Key File”.

vvdi benz w164 key

vvdi mb bga tool

8.Then  click “Write”.Writing data successfully.