Know VVDI2 all versions: VVDI2 FULL vs. VVDI2 Basic with BMW/VW

This blog will show you clearly: How many versions of VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer are available? What’s the difference between them? Which version is best for you? Check comparison below:


VVDI2 Version VVDI2 FULL (SV86) VVDI2 Basic (SV86-C) VVDI2 Basic+ BMW


VVDI2 Basic+ VAG


Price $2,045 $499 $999 $1,479
Basic function YES YES YES YES
BMW function YES NO, need SV86-3, SV86-4 YES NO, need SV86-3, SV86-4
VAG function YES NO, need SV86-2, SV86-5 NO, need SV86-2, SV86-5 YES
BMW OBD Authorization (SV86-3) Free $549 Free $549
BMW CAS4 + Authorization (SV86-4) Free $199 $199 $199
VW Audi 5TH IMMO Authorization (SV86-2) Free $260 $260 Free
VW 4TH & 5TH IMMO Authorization (SV86-5) Free $1,080 $1,080 Free

Get VVDI2 BMW VAG Authorization Service here:

Useful Tips on Choosing which VVDI2 version

  1. Make sure there is no conflict between your own need and the VVDI2 function. For example, if you mainly deal with VW Audi VAG Group vehicles, just buy VVDI2 VAG instead of more expensive VVDI2 FULL.
  2. However, VVDI2 FULL is most cost-effective in comprehensive way! Your need may be changed someday and VVDI2 is improving as well, but with VVDI2 FULL you don’t have to worry which function is missing or which authorization charge money again!