How to use Toyota TIS TechStream Program Immo Key on Tundra 2013?

MINI VCI TOYOTA TIS Techstream V10.30.029 with firmware 2.0.4,only our xhorse original mini vci toyota is with the firmware 2.0.4 version.And here we will display Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota TIS TechStream Program Immo Key on Tundra 2013 instruction.

1.Use Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota,and prepare new key.

mini vci toyota

2.Connect your MINI VCI TOYOTA Cable with your car via OBDII.

toyota tis

3.Connect MINI VCI Cable with laptop.


4.Insert the new key and turn on switch ignition.

Start toyota tis techstream software and Click “connect to vehicle”

minu vci toyota

5.Then tis software will display the vehicle information,please click confirm and continue.

toyota tis techstream

6.Choose “immobilizer” on the software menu.

toyota mini vci

7.Click “Utility”

mini vci toyota

8.Click “immobilizer key registration” and click “Next” to continue.

xhorse toyota tis

9.Operate according to the software shows.


10.Register.Successfully program key for Toyota Tundra 2013.