How to use Condor XC-MINI Cut Citroen Berlingo 2015 by Key Duplication?

IKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI is the best key cutting machine,with online technical service and contentiously online updating.You can use key database,cut by bitting,as well as key duplication,and the following is  MINI Condor Key Cutting Machine Cut Citroen Berlingo 2015 by Key Duplication Way.(Get New  Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Key Cutting Machine)

1.Start Condor MINI,and choose “Key Duplication”.

condor mini key duplication

2.Choose detailed Citroen Berlingo car brand.

condor xc-mini citroen

3.Choose detailed year 02-.

condor xc-mini citroen

4.After you choose detailed Citroen type,it will display which clamp and cutter you need to use.

mini condor

5.Tighten the M2 clamp.

condor xc-mini

6.Put the original key on Clamp,then tighten it.

xhorse condor xc-mini

7.Click “Key Decode”.Then confirm.

mini condor

8.After key learn process finish.Remove the original key,put new key blade on clamp.

mini condor

9.Start to cut new key.

condor key cutting machine