How to choose Xhorse XM38 Remote Key?

Xhorse has several different XM38 remote keys, including previous old XM28 Toyota, XM38 Toyota, XM38 P-orshe, XM38 Chrysler/GM, XM38 LandRover, and XM38 Hyundai, how do i know which vvdi remote key is suitable?

1. XM38 Toyota and XM28-Toyota

XM38 Toyota full replace old XM28 Toyota. Then you can see almost all XM28-Toyota types in list, write together with XM38-Toyota.


2.XM38 Toyota

If remote only writes XM38 Toyota, then you can only use with XM38 Toyota, other types will fail.


Like the feedback, use with XM38 GM, it will get error



3. XM38-Smartkey

Like the following pic, XM38-Smart key,you can use XM38 Chrysler/Porsche/landrover one,and this also can use with XM38-Toyota. And nxp-smart key is XS series key. XM38 Hyundai not release yet.The one you choose only XM38 Toyota.