What is the difference of XM38 Smart and XM28 Toyota Smart?

Xhorse XSTO01EN TOY.T for Toyota XM38 Smart Key is released! And some customer before Xhorse XSTO00EN old XM smart key, do they need to change? what is the difference of XM38 smart and old XM smart key?


After opening the inner PCB, if there are two chips on the circuit board – a square chip and a ten-pin chip (left in the picture), this is the XHORSE first generation Toyota XM smart-machine product number is XM28, there is only one on the circuit board .Only the square chip on the Toyota PCB (right in the pic) is the second-generation Toyota smart, the XM38.



1. XM38 can generate Toyota smart remote with all options
XM28 previous XM smart can not support 0410, 0010 (A9, AA)

The new second-generation XM38 smart is compatible with all the generation options of the first-generation smart, and the first-generation smart XM smart can still be used for generation without replacement.


2. XM38 Toyota smart is with key shell in the package. But first without, need to purchase OEM key shell.

If users who require appearance can also choose various Toyota casings to use with XM38 smart.

Here is the link for different outlook of Toyota key shell:



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