Xhorse XSTO01EN Toyota XM38 Smart Key FAQs

Here we collect several frequently asked questions and answers about new Xhorse XM38 Toyota Smart Key.


Q1: Key Tool Plus can generate this key?

A1:Yes, generate via VVDI MINI/VVDI Key Tool/Key Tool Max/Key Tool Plus/VVDI2


Q2: Seems no emergency key fits in it?

A2: Yes, Toy40 one-side key fits in



Q3: Is XM38 GL version?

A3: We sell GL version XM38 key, and there are other versions. Match key version to device version (GL-GL,CH-CH)


Q4: Need 200 points to generate xm38?

A4: No, no points required, no points got


Q5. Generate XM38 key, it says “error code:Error:9B”?


A5: Key version doesn’t match device version. This device in pic is GL version, then the key may be CH version


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