How to choose the right car key cutting machines?

Car key cutting machines depend on budget and on how many keys it will cut a day , some machines are light use , some are medium use and some are heavy duty use , some are better suited to the back of a van than others , some are built to last for ever , some are start up machines with limited life.

I have 4 cut to code machines

Xhorse ikeycutter condor: it’s ok but has bugs and issues and build quality suggests it’s not a long term machine , it miscuts some and plays up sometimes , but is a good machine for its cost , but for me its a light use back up unit.

More experience here (from 2015 year to 2017 year, 185 posts in total):

Miracle A6 : light use machine in my opinion , reliable and cuts an accurate key , has a few miscut issues but not many and has proved reliable and well suited to mobile use .

Ninja Laser : medium use machine , cuts perfect keys and is well supported , seems happy on back of van , quality reliable machine that will last

Silca Viper : heavy duty heavy use machine , good on van but big and heavy , mines cut 25000 keys and is still as good as new, cant fault it at all

with machines you must remember that the more they make it do , the less robust it seems to become , I can’t see futura cutting the keys that my viper has and still be alive let alone pristine , so a heavy duty specialist machine will last longer , hold its value more and have a higher resale value .

miracle a5 is a decent machine , but had bugs and issues , is no longer updated or supported , but really cheap at present and a good starter machine for light use.

bd laser is another decent machine that stood test of time and well suited to heavy use

Cant fault , miracle a6 , ninja laser or silca viper as all have done me proud , all paid back and some , and all still going strong , if i had to pick a favorite it would be ninja laser or viper .

like with anything , with a cut to code machine you get what you pay for , you pay cheap you normally get cheap , its a major investment and crucial kit that needs to work to pay back , the better the machine the more reliable and better it will pay back , in my experience you cant get better than keyline or silca , they are the rolls royce of machines , my viper is 12 years old and i could if i sold it still get nearly what i paid for it back then , good machines hold resale value far better .

miracle A6 in my opinion its a light use machine , but a decent one.

if i was buying again , id buy either ninja laser or Xhorse ikeycutter condor, good for the money.