How to avoid VVDI2 killing problems with FEM/BDC?

Since Xhorse VVDI2 BMW V6.8.1, it updates “improvement of FEM/BDC key learning“.

Someone guess ” Maybe it fixes the clicking (killing) problems with FEM/BDC ?”. What’s the fact?


Actually, some locksmiths doubt and disagree this statement:

The 1st user tested and report:

Just did one FEM with older version without problems. How did you killed one?
I definitely cannot recommend using any kind of adapter that suggests you can skip desoldering that eeprom. VVDI Prog, Autel XP400 Pro, Orange5 cannot read it on PCB. It reads it partially. Only option is to desolder end read ir straight in the programmer. Maybe this is the reason for some people of killing the FEM modules.
Knock on the wood – I haven’t had any problems of VVDI2 working on FEM/BDC modules.


The 2nd user also agree him:

I don’t know in any next country cars but I make around 70-100 cars fem and BDM lost and spare key but don’t have any problem.

I all time read eeprom in pcb used orange5 orginal any problem,i killing when i tray take out eeprom from pcb and broke eeprom but it is maybe 3 year back when fem only start in vvdi2

this moment read only in pcb and dont have problem need only very good clean contact.


What do I mean by broke eeprom: it is broke eeprom when tray take out from pcb.very big glue in pcb and when heating i broke legs,it is first fem after and dont take out.


The 3rd user agree desoldering is safer too:

I disagree. Been using VVDI adapter to read FEM eeprom for over 20 times now and had not single problem. Anyways I also agree that desoldering is safer.


And the author can’t agree with this locksmith’s experience sharing:

If it’s a BMW there is no excuse not pulling it out on the table to make the key with using programmer. And also you will have a full backup of that exact car/cas sw nr. And your own data base collection will grow. That programming part for CAS3+ to be able to add keys through OBD is a tricky move. I have done a lot of CAS3+ units making backup on the table and then doing that programming part on the car with VVDI2 and later some cars have done without the backup. So far I haven’t had failed programming. +13V on car with good power supply is a must.
I see this option like this. If you do BMW rarely then take the CAS out and do File Make Key method. Betters safe than sorry. But if you are doing a lot of BMW’s with CAS3 units and specially have big data base with backed up cas3 modules, have tools to read ECU’s to get ISN and even if you have and know how to use WinKFP and NCS and when/if programming keys through OBD goes bad you can get out of that situation easy than go for OBD key programming. Saves some time if all goes well.
It all depends on You if you want to risk it doing OBD way saving some time or F@@ing up your day or doing it bench/BDM while drinking a coffee. A MINI is a bit different story..