Fixed! VVDI MINI VW Jetta 2017 Remote Clone Kill Original Key


I did try to clone a remote with Mini VVDI… and killed the original fob!!!

Not a rolling code fob it is a vw jetta 2017, the original remote still transmitting signal 315mhz but relearn it and not working, how can I fix it??


Here are the

Possible Reason:

1.With the addition of the new key, the number of keys exceed the maximum. That can push one of the earlier keys out of the system

2.During the learning process you swap new key then old the new key. With those of sequence you could write data to the wrong key

3.During learing process a low battery could cause a write error

4.A static electric discharge that ruin the board


Hope this could help!

Credits to Simon Starkey and Randy Mears