Fixed! Key Tool Plus Program Toyota ID4C AKL Write via Dump Fail


Vehicle Info – 2004 Toyota Alphard ID4C all keys lost, writing key via IC dump 93C86.

Process – IC reads fine, go to IMMO DATA TOOL on VVDI Key Tool Plus, 4 keys registered, select position 1 to write in, then write file back to IC.

Result – Immo light on, no start, on key file position 1 is unused, also try position 2-4, all deleted instead of adding them.







Method 1. Use VVDI XT27 Super Chip

Method 2. Manually edit generic 4C chip


More details:

1.VVDI Super Chip

Write dump data into XT27 on Key Tool Plus without dump file changed.


Relevant Reviews:

1)I use vvdi key tool works without issue. I had similar issues with a LS400.

2)Worked on same ecu with VVDI2 car started without any problem just use super chip and just emulate any used key position


2.Manually edit data

On 4C transponder, we don’t even need a programmer like Tango.

1)Read 93C86 EEPROM data, then we will see top 4 lines of bin file where the key data is located

2)Find the first 8 digits on line 1 which will repeat on line 2 (on 16bit format the data string will be in reverse order)

3)Read 4C chip data, type the data on step 2, and write back to Eeprom


Credits to Abbey, Thomas, Morne, Candreva…