Fixed! Key Tool Plus AKL Programming for Mini Cooper 2004 Fail

Q:  Add a key for Mini Cooper 2004 when all keys lost. I remove EWS3, read it and make a key with Key Tool Plus, the transponder started car for 2 times, and now not working. I use transponder XT27 on function immo data.


Here is the


Use an original PCF7935 chip, and the problem will likely be solved.


Experience from locksmith colleagues:

Use good PCF7930/7931/7935. PCF7935 is expensive this days but 7930/7931 is okay. Use AS if possible. Some NXP 30/31 on Ali is defective.


Alright, we’d better have an alternative for key programming. Sometimes VVDI Super Chips work, sometimes original chips work.

Thanks to Key Car Programmation, Liudmil Docev…


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