Condor XC-Mini Plus “Cut Fail, 38 (Error Code=38)” Solution


Condor XC-Mini Plus, I can decode a key but cannot cut a key. The cutter will not spin. I get message on screen “Cut Fail, 38 (Error Code=38)”.



Then he did Stepper motor test and send us results as our technical support required.

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How to do Stepper motor test?

On Homepage, select

Self Test>>Stepper motor test

Select respectively “X” “Y” “Z” “Main-axis” to test motors.



Given the result of not-working main-axis motor, the possible reasons could be on firmware or the power board.


Here comes the Solution:

1)Re-update firmware, make sure firmware gets the latest version.


2)Take apart the Condor Mini key cutting machine to test the power board.

Note: If you dont know how to do, do not risk and ask professionals for help.

If method 1 doesn’t work, we need to take apart the machine.

Unplug&plug all cables on the power board once and watch the indicator change.


Feedback: Red light is on solid, not flashing. Find a black wire loose, press it back into plug and machine works.

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