Xhorse Condor Mini Plus Clamp Can’t Move and “Error Code=45” Solution

One customer gave the feedback that Condor xc-mini plus clamp M1 and clamp M2 cannot move and the screen prompts “Fail: Error Code=45”.

condor-mini-plus-clamp-cant-move-and-error-code45-solution-1 condor-mini-plus-clamp-cant-move-and-error-code45-solution-2 condor-mini-plus-clamp-cant-move-and-error-code45-solution-3

Click back to homepage, the LED light extinguishes.


Then he sends us “Electrical Conductivity Measurement” video as our technical support requires.

condor-mini-plus-clamp-cant-move-and-error-code45-solution-5 condor-mini-plus-clamp-cant-move-and-error-code45-solution-6 condor-mini-plus-clamp-cant-move-and-error-code45-solution-7

As we can see the probe has got some problems.


Here Xhorsevvdi technical support gave the


1)Remove LED cover

Unscrew two screws on both sides of the cover.

condor-mini-plus-clamp-cant-move-and-error-code45-solution-8 condor-mini-plus-clamp-cant-move-and-error-code45-solution-9

2)Clean iron filings behind the cover by a brush instead of an air gun


3)Clean iron filings on rest parts of the machine


4)Adjust and calibrate again, Xhorse Condor Mini  should work normal




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