VVDI Key Tool Generate Transponder Support List

vvdi key tool generate transponder

V2.0.2 VVDI Key Tool is newest version,you can use V2.3.9 update tool software to update your VVDI Key Tool.And here XhorseVVDI display VVDI Key Tool Generate Transponder function car brands support list. 1.VVDI Key Tool Generate Transponder:Europe,America,Asia,China,Others. 2.VVDI Key Tool Generate… Continue Reading

What is difference of VVDI Key Tool ME and US Version?

vvdi key tool

V2.0.2 VVDI Key Tool update info marks out “This update only for Middle-East, North American, India English version(me,me-en,na,na-en,in,in-en). Other languages will be released on next week”.You may be confused what is the difference of various English version? 1.What is difference… Continue Reading

How to use VVDI Key Tool Generate Toyota G Chip (Master)?

vvdi key tool toyota

V2.0.2 VVDI Key Tool newest version newly add toyota-G to generate special transponder,add toyota-G offline clone functions.But before update,please confirm your VVDI Key Tool language version,not all language version is suitable.And here XhorseVVDI will display VVDI Key Tool generate Toyota… Continue Reading

V2.0.2 VVDI Key Tool North American/India/EU/SA/ME English Update

vvdi key tool update

V2.0.2 VVDI Key Tool English newest update is released July 18th!This update only for Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, North American, India English version(eu, eu-en, se, se-en, me, me-en, na, na-en, in, in-en). Other languages will be released on this week, please… Continue Reading

VVDI Key Renew Adapters Work with VVDI Key Tool and MK3

vvdi key tool

Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL Key Renew Adapters 12Pcs Full Package Free Shipping Pre-order Now.As we all know,it can work with VVDI Key Tool unlock the original locked controls and re-encode them.And good news is VVDI Key Tool adapters also work with… Continue Reading

How to use VVDI Key Tool Clone ISUZU Dmax ID46 Chip?

VVDI Key Tool

VVDI Key Tool Transponder cloning 46 42 11 12 4D,and we have displayed Honda ID46,ID46 chip generate remote.And today,we will add VVDI Key Tool Clone ISUZU Dmax ID46 Chip. 1.Choose “TP Clone” from VVDI Key Tool screen. 2.Insert the original key into left coil,and press OK to clone.… Continue Reading